How to Start A Blog on WordPress with Bluehost

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Do you wish to create a passive income stream or a want to start working from home? Blogging is a great way to go.

Setting up a blog is not as hard as some may think. I’m going to show you how in this step by step guide. We are going to start by choosing a domain name straight through to installing WordPress.

After experiencing a downturn in the economy I decided to work from home. I start my first blog in 2012. At first, it was not rewarding and I experienced issues with my website and host provider. This leads me to a live streaming platform called which is no long existing.  It was here I met a wonderful group of persons and I was introduced to Shannon Mattern who is also the proprietor of the BFF Academy and this academy ROCKS! Website building and Blogging made super easy at the BFF Academy. This where my blogging skills skyrocketed.

Earn Passive Income

Blogging is an excellent source of passive income, brand building, and recognition and you can potentially create your own business.

Click here to start your blog, be sure to follow the steps below. Let’s do this!


My personal experience has taught me to choose a self-hosted site.  Mistakes will be made in the beginning. I built my first website and blog in a website builder.  Free Website Builders offers no control of files, it’s free and there are many restrictions and lack of functionality. The site gives you more freedom, control of your cPanel, however, there is a small cost. Your first steps would be to choose and registered a domain name, set up your self-hosted blog on and choose a hosting package.


Before you choose a name you want to do a little research. The name should be unique and reflect the look and feel of your blog. It should help you stand out in the arena in a positive way. If you need help doing your research and choosing a name I recommend Godaddy Domain Search Tool and Bust A Name. Both allow you to type in a name and suggest available options. Godaddy gives several suggested name options with ending in .com, .net, .blog and several other suggestions. Choose the one the resonates with you most.

Register Your Domain Name

After you have select that perfect name you will be required to register it immediately or you stand the chance someone else purchasing that name. You have the choice of registering that domain name and your hosting package with the same provider. The other option and this is what I did, purchase your domain name and the hosting package separately. In my tech circles, this is considered an extra layer of security. I initially purchase both my domain name and hosting from Godaddy but have since made a change. My domain name was purchased from Godaddy and host with another provider. Bluehost proved domain names for free to get started.

Since you have the perfect name, you now need to register it so no one else does. You could choose to register it where you purchase your hosting package.

Now that you have your domain name. Type it into the new domain space, click next to head to the next page where you will enter your own information. You will be offered a number of upgrades it up to you. I chose to ignore and move on to the next step.
What that being completed, you enter your payment information. Depending if you purchased host also at Bluehost you would be ready to set up your blog. Otherwise, move with me to step two.



Now it’s time to decide where your blog will be hosted. This is where your blog will reside online and you can manage all the technical stuff on this site in something called a cPanel. Your choice of hosting provider will affect the speed and accessibility of your blog.

I recommend using Bluehost for hosting. My reason for this they are affordable, reliable and their support staff rocks. Additionally, not many other providers offer free domain names for 12 months, they are a large company and are widely recognized in the industry.

To get started with Bluehost click here, then on the site click the green “Get Started Now” button. If you are on a budget I would recommend the $3.95 per month starter plan (due in full) this includes a free domain, free site builder, 1-click WordPress Install and get this 24/7 Support.


You will be required to log into your Bluehost Account. Check your emails for a recent welcome email from Bluehost. This will contain your login information and a link that will take to your “cPanel”. Go to the dashboard section and follow these three steps.

Now check your email, and you should have something from Mojo Marketplace. This email is important, so make sure you save it! It includes your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username.

Locate the “Mojo Marketplace” select the one click install button.
On the next page, select the WordPress Icon located under “Blogs”. To begin the install click start. Here you select the domain name you intend to use for your blog.
When completed, select a username and password for your WordPress Website and click Install Now. Now check your email, and you should have something from Mojo Marketplace. This email is important, so make sure you save it! It includes your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username. Make these password easy to remember and write them down. However, don’t make them too easy because they will also be easy for the hackers.


Wow! You did it. Now to personalise it and make in Rock. Login to the WordPress Dashboard. Select Appearance on the left sidebar, to choose your theme. WordPress provides both premium and free themes choose from. I chose a theme StudioPress. They have a large selection of WordPress Themes that are customizable, reliable and mobile ready. Check them out before making your final decision.

That’s it you’re done! Now go out and rock that blog world with fabulous content.

Disclaimer:  I’m an affiliate marketer with links to an online retailer on my website. When people read what I’ve written about a particular product and then click on those links and buy something from the retailer I earn a commission from the retailer.

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