How to Create Youtube Banners in Canva

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As the owner and operator of an online business, I find it necessary to update my cover pages, banners, and social media sites seasonally. This is especially the case with my Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and YouTube Channel Banners.

Most recently my Oh Natural Aromatherapy YouTube Channel required an update. It’s the holiday season and the existing banner theme was designed with summer in mind. The colours were all summer colours, the fonts were all wrong, and the photo in the banner was not enhancing the message that the business needed to reach my clients.

The Banner on the Oh Natural Aromatherapy YouTube Channel could not be avoided any longer. I needed to make it appropriate for the season, likeable and informative. The App that I chose to recreate my YouTube Channel Banner was Canva. Canva is very user-friendly and allows me to present my brand in a very professional manner. There is a free and a paid version of Canva. There is a mobile version for androids and iPhones.  The is also a desktop version of the app.  This app is a tool that I would highly recommend to entrepreneurs, business and student who wish to create professional looking graphics.  With training in the use of this app, you can cut cost in your business by firing your graphics designer.

In this video, you will see my creations and the final products. Here is the Busker video about selecting a YouTube Channel Banner. Click here to view the Video. If you would like to learn to create a Banner, post and a variety of posts for any of your Social Media Sites join the class. The next  Canva Class by TechTalk Live scheduled, Monday, November 29th, 2017 at 4 pm.  Buy now on this BLACK FRIDAY TechTALK Live Steam Event, and you will get the Canva Class and a BONUS to earn passive income. All for a cost of $20 per person.  Enrollment is done through PayPal. Please click here to sign up.  Upon receipt of payment, a confirmation and link to the class will be provided.  Should you have any questions I invite you to contact me via Twitter direct message @TechTALKLive1


Student Testimonial

I’ve been publishing the Durham Skywriter (Durham NC’s online community paper) for 15 years. I always designed the ads in InDesign and thought they looked decent enough. But when I started using Canva a couple of years ago, I saw my ads taking on a more professional/commercial appearance. They look like real ads now! Patricia A. Murray TechTALK Live Student 2016


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